About Us


The MALAYSIA SME® Media Group, established in 2005, is Malaysia’s first English medium publisher focusing on MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises). The idea of an MSME-centric business newspaper was the brainchild of Mr Wayne Lim, Founder of the media group.

The group started with an annual SME Business Directory in 2005 follow with the launched of the MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper, a fortnightly publication with a respectable circulation of 50,000 copies circulated directly to 50,000 reputable MSME entrepreneurs.

The MALAYSIA SME® media group is also the proud organiser of the country’s largest annual MSME networking event; the MALAYSIA SME® Congress. The Congress provides continuous source of inspiration for MSME entrepreneurs and serves as a platform for MSMEs to seek opportunities in partnership with each other.

In addition, the media group constantly champion the cause of MSMEs with the initiation of SME Day, SME AiD and SME Trade Credit Pledge.

In the post Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns era, the media group surges ahead with all brand new business models to stay relevant in the media, events and MSME industries with the introduction of MALAYSIA SME+, A Promising Star, Break Rules Entrepreneurs Festival (bref) and HOH (a Sales & Sourcing Online Business Platform).