"Most of the world's largest enterprises today were once MSMEs.”
- Wayne Lim -

MALAYSIA SME® is all about MSMEs, locally and globally.

The MALAYSIA SME® Media Group, established in 2005, is Malaysia’s first English medium publisher focusing on MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) business news. The idea of an MSME-centric business newspaper was the brainchild of Mr Wayne Lim, who is currently Group CEO and Group Chief Editor of the media group.

The MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is a fortnightly publication with a respectable circulation of 50,000 copies circulated directly to 50,000 reputable MSME entreprneurs. The MALAYSIA SME® media group is also the proud organiser of the country’s largest annual MSME networking event; the MALAYSIA SME® Congress. The Congress provides continuous source of inspiration for MSME entrepreneurs and serves as a platform for MSMEs to seek opportunities in partnership with each other.

In addition, the media group constantly champion the cause of MSMEs with the initiation of SME Day, SME AiD and Trade Credit Pledge. The group champion the plight of MSMEs not only in Malaysia, but worldwide as it is a founding member of Global SME News Network (GSNN) Alliance, the first global alliance of SME news organisations from around the world.

MALAYSIA SME® is all about MSMEs, locally and globally!

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GLOBAL RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS 2018 – Responsible SME Media Icon of the Year
SME Supporter Awards 2018


SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award 2017 – Media Excellence


Global Branding Awards 2016 – Global Brands Icon in SME Media
INTI Rising Star Partner Awards 2016
Malaysia China Silk Road 2016 – International Goodwill Ambassador Award
TOP SME Supporter Award – Platinum


Asia Pacific CSR Awards 2015 – Socially Responsible Company in SME Empowerment and Fair News
ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2015 – ASEAN Most Recognised Brand SME Newspaper 2015
Sahabat Negara SME Award 2015


Sahabat Negara SME Award 2014
Selangor Excellence Business Awards 2014 – Industry Class in SME Media


McMillan Woods Global Award 2013 – MasterClass Awards – Media Excellence
Sahabat Negara SME Award 2013
Socially Responsible Company Awards 2013 – In Support of UN Global Compact, Industry Class Sector in Responsible Media
Global Awards 2013 – Proudly Recognises – Master Class Awards – Media Excellence


Sahabat Negara SME Award 2012


Sahabat Negara SME Award 2011


GEW Malaysia 2010 Award – Most Supportive Business Media
The Brandlaureate SMEs Chapter Awards 2010 – Best Brands

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Message from our CEO

In MSMEs We Trust!

Most of the world’s largest companies were once MSMEs!

To say that the world will not go round without the existence of MSMEs is merely a statement recognising and acknowledging one of the bedrocks of global society. All we need to do is look at their roles, their involvement with society, and their contributions to the economy and to employment. Our daily engagements with MSMEs are a vital part of the eco-system that keeps the world going.

MSMEs, no matter how micro, small or large their contribution to an economy, play an equally crucial role in the working and growth of large corporations. You simply can’t take MSMEs away from the economic system, let alone our daily lives. MSMEs are the economic and social foundation of the world! Without MSMEs, there will certainly be chaos in our daily routines and the economy of the world will definitely be adversely impacted!

Without MSMEs, all personal routines or business operations will have to directly involve the principles. Business cards, letterheads, office stationeries and others business requirements will be difficult to get supply. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you think about it, you will see that it is really hard to imagine our world without MSMEs.

Aside from the drastic changes that would take place in our daily lives, it is equally hard to visualise the total lack of entrepreneurship. What would we do without the maverick, renegade entrepreneurs? So much inspiration and innovation would be lost. Without MSMEs, just about everyone would need to be an employee. You will either be working for a large corporation or unemployed! MSMEs are the lifeline of economies.

From Mamak shops to Secret Recipe; barbershops to A Cut Above; mom and pop shops to 99 Speed Mart, MSMEs play indispensable roles in all our lives. An MSME is the beginning of a great and fascinating entrepreneurial journey. Although it is true that all businesses face similar challenges, the reality is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the challenges MSMEs face. MSMEs are a diverse and innovative lot. They often do things no one has ever done before. This makes running an MSME business a never-ending challenge, which is also endlessly interesting!

The best business stories told are about entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs build the most fascinating careers and companies. Starting business needs courage. Running a business requires determination. Growing business needs perseverance. Maintaining and improving a business requires sacrifies. You can find all these qualities in an MSME entrepreneur.

Most people don’t know what MSMEs are and they don’t have any idea what MSMEs do. More often than not, they take MSMEs for granted! Unless and until people get to know MSMEs, no admiration or appreciation will ever to be seen or shown.

That’s why it is so important to promote the MSMEs. That is the primary reason I founded the MALAYSIA SME® Media Group and started the nation’s first MSME business newspaper. MSME need to be branded and become a renowned brand. Society owes it to the MSMEs and it is long overdue that the role and contribution of MSMEs is recognised and appreciated by people from all walks of life and all ages.

The day will soon come when MSMEs are highly regarded by every citizen in the world.

God bless MSMEs!

Wayne Lim
Group Chief Executive Officer / Group Chief Editor