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Your spark lights me up

I am writing this piece exactly on September 9 (9/9) in conjunction with the anniversary of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group and Qu Exchange. This year MALAYSIA SME® Media Group celebrates its 14th anniversary. As for Qu Exchange, the company is now entering its third year of business.

Exactly 14 years ago I took a bold move to start my own business. After working 11 years in Singapore Yellow Pages, it was time for me to quit my comfort zone with a large corporate company and take a new risk to do something on my own.

I will forever owe a great due to Singapore Yellow Pages Group and all the bosses that I was truly privileged to serve with. Even if it was just as a sales representative position to begin with, they gave me a life changing career. It was through my service there that I acquired all the essential skills and knowledge that equipped me to be able to start my own business. I am truly gratefully that I have managed to stay strong on my two feet for 14 years.

It also through Singapore Yellow Pages that I got connected to MSMEs. That connection with the MSME community has lasted 25 years till this day and is still growing strongly. If given an opportunity to ‘go back to the future’, I will still choose to work in anything that is related to MSMEs. The role and contributions of MSMEs are simply amazing. They are so important that the world will just stop abruptly if all MSMEs decides to suddenly quit their business.

Throughout these 14 years, my company has been through many ups and downs. However, whether in good or bad times, it has never been short of support from many great people that have given their most incredible assistance to me without expecting anything in return. Be it colleagues, shareholders, clients, associates, suppliers, friends or even family members, they were always there when I needed them. I thank the Almighty for sending all these angels to MALAYSIA SME® and Qu Exchange.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to everyone who has played a part throughout this 14 years. I have always wanted to build a business that champion the cause of MSMEs forever but never did I think that it will go on for 14 years. Therefore, once again, let me record my deepest appreciation to all of you who had supported us one way or another.

To all the MSME entrepreneurs, you are the spark that lights up my candle. You are the Titans of Tomorrow!

God bless MSMEs!