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Up to Fivefold Increase in Sales: Find Out How EasyStore’s SME Merchants Soared Through The Pandemic Using The Multiple Sales Channel Platform

Shopping online has always second nature to our lifestyle. The pandemic merely gave it a boost. But imagine this — you’re a brick and mortar business that has just started to venture into the world wide web to not only sustain your business, but also get a slice of the eCommerce pie. With so many choices online, how do you even know which sales channel would work best for your business? And what about the time and resources needed to learn the ropes from scratch, not to mention the manpower required to keep operations in check? 

Inspired by the wave of business digitalisation across SouthEast Asia during the pandemic, Frost Chen, CEO of EasyStore, wanted to bring a value-added eCommerce concept to Malaysia’s burgeoning online retail scene. 

The benefit of setting up an online business with EasyStore is the multiple sales channel platform that gives merchants the opportunity to diversify their income streams. Knowing that time and resources would be a major issue for its merchants, EasyStore’s platform is designed to help merchants compile and keep on top of their orders from marketplaces like Facebook, Lazada and Shopee, while automating integrated processes like invoicing and inventory syncing. 

With an array of other offerings as well, EasyStore has helped its merchants to generate a Gross Merchandise Value of over RM500 million in 2020 — and their success stories speak for themselves. 

Take Hair Depot, one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing online hair & beauty retailers, for instance. With a strong physical presence (20+ physical stores) across the country, the retail brand used to generate 90% of its revenues through in-store sales, and this was pre-MCO 2020. When the pandemic hit, Hair Depot turned around to fully-focus on eCommerce. Today more than 50% of their total revenue is generated online with the help of EasyStore. 

There are also traditional homegrown businesses like Jia Xiang, a favourite household brand in Malaysia that offers only the best quality dried seafood products curated from the local Pangkor waters. Ever since the MCO began in March last year, the business has been able to reap up to a fivefold increase in sales. According to Jia Xiang, EasyStore has also helped them gain a lot more customers, which has greatly increased sales and brand exposure.

For another local business, Lacust, a homegrown premium hot chilli sauce brand, EasyStore’s user-friendly and integrated platform has made the operations of the eCommerce brand much easier to manage. This resulted in an over 80% increase in sales and product quantity sold since the initial MCO in 2020. 

In light of the above, we would like to take this opportunity to check on your interest to speak with EasyStore’s CEO, Frost Chen, who’d be thrilled to delve into the following topics:

  • How EasyStore is assisting the digital transformation for Malaysian retail and eCommerce business owners? 

  • What differentiates EasyStore from other e-commerce platforms that are available in the market?  

  • What is the full range of products and services that are provided to merchants that have signed up on EasyStore?

  • EasyStore’s short-term and long-term goals to empower local SMEs as an expert in the eCommerce industry. 

We would also be happy to facilitate interviews with EasyStore’s merchants (Hair Depot, Jia Xiang Seafood, Lacust,  and other businesses with profiles attached to this email) who have achieved success by using EasyStore’s multiple sales channels to diversify sales streams and go digital. They would be able to speak on:

  • The challenges faced by SMEs when trying to pivot businesses online during economic turbulence

  • How EasyStore’s assistance and initiatives have been able to help businesses to go digital with ease 

  • Their future business pipeline, and their advice for other SMEs who are thinking of going digital