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Top Tools You Require As A Working Professional

The task of being a manager requires that you are prepared to take on new challenges at work. These tend to come on a daily basis. Beyond this, a manager has a wide range of responsibilities that make the position a highly demanding and strenuous one. This is because you will have to manage different teams and projects as well as come in contact with different clients. At the same time, you also have to make sure things are done appropriately and as planned. This is necessary to prevent a situation whereby important tasks are left uncompleted, thus causing a significant setback to the organization.

However, how do you achieve this without getting overly stressed? Do you just rely on hard work or how much authority you have over your subordinates? The earlier you realize that these are not enough to make you excel, as a working professional, in a management role, the better for you. Managing resources (both human and non-human) to get tasks completed ‘effortlessly’ and in less time requires that you possess some essential tools that can help you to stay atop your managerial duties.

Do You Equip Employees With the Right Tools?
One of the factors that may cause frustrations and, consequently, low morale and decreased productivity among employees is not having the right tools for a certain role or responsibility. For instance; in the case of having relevant IT systems: how much do your IT systems meet your organization’s current requirements? Do those who require access to the systems have unhindered access to them – computer, phone, email, etc. – or do they have to share certain tools with other colleagues to get their respective tasks done? All of these, when not managed well, can get such employees frustrated.

Also, in the case of a new employee, do you provide them with accurate login information? Imagine giving limited access to a new employee. Apart from setting a wrong starting tone for such an employee, it can ignite a lack of interest, thus demoralizing or demotivating them to put in the zeal required for their job. With the right tools, employees are focused on getting the job done as efficiently as possible instead of being concerned about how to get the job done without the right tool.

How Conducive is the Working Environment?
The environment where employees or professionals would work has a significant impact on employee productivity and organizational goal achievement. This makes the working environment another great tool to consider. Is the workplace well-furnished? Is it well-ventilated? Does natural light penetrate through it? Does the wall color or office arrangement exude positivity or negativity? Is it spacious or boxed up? It is expected that a spacious, well-lit, well-ventilated, and organized office space would create a positive mood for employees such that increased productivity is achieved. Beyond always being in the working mode, some modern offices come in handy with a kitchen bar/breakout area and a pool table for their staff. This alone can create a positive first impression. Any prospective employees would feel attracted to working in the place, even without bothering to consider the responsibilities that the job entails.

How Do You Equip Employees Properly?
Equipping your employees properly goes beyond providing them with desk space, a computer system, and a telephone. It involves the availability of all resources required by them to make them excel in their role. Such resources may be tools that can help them expedite processes at work. They include work automation tools (IFTTT, Zapier, etc.), communication tools (Jitsi Meet, Chanty, etc.), time-tracking tools (RescueTime, Toggl, etc.), or mental productivity tools (Mindfulness, Insight Timer App etc.).

Employees are in the best position to deliver customer value. For instance, IT professionals would require a fast internet connection and access to online forums that can help them to diagnose problems more quickly. This will save time, money, and additional cost of manpower. In a situation where employees do not have the tools to help them assess a problem and have to improvise to find their ways around obstacles, delivery of the value chain might be negatively impacted.

Also, manpower optimization is an essential human resource process that can help employees stay motivated and positive. How much support does each employee get from their colleagues? Or is it the case where a person carries out the duties of about two or three persons?

Review Your Resources
If employees do not receive an optimal level of motivation, their productivity will definitely be impacted negatively. At this point, you may want to take a moment to identify where you have defaulted, especially as it concerns motivating your employees. Even if you have to ask them what they need to stay motivated, it is important.

It could be that you have to provide something to solve the motivation issues. Employees should be able to bring any lack or inadequacies to the notice of the management for appropriate steps. Otherwise, they would be contributing to the problem caused as a result of the vacuum created by the lack of such equipment. The Executive Master of Human Resource Management graduate program at EDUK8U Grad School Asia is available to working professionals to equip them with essential prerequisite knowledge, tools, and skills that are critical to expanding their generalist knowledge and building their foundation in human resources.

The goal is to create business leaders that serve as valuable assets to their respective organizations. To explore more, join our Executive MBA or our Master in Human Resource Management double certificate program with SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and IUKL (Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur). Drop us an email: [email protected] or visit our website

by Dr. Roy Prasad
Dean EDUK8U Grad School Asia & Head of Executive Programme IUKL