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The cost in fighting for democracy

Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia, is officially in recession following months of protests and riots. In a nutshell, the on-going pro-democracy protest is ruining the country’s economy which had taken decades to build.

As someone who champions for MSMEs and pro-businesses, you can surely know which side am I on – not for the protestors or the government but for the businesses.

Just like anywhere else in the world, Hong Kong MSMEs contribute greatly to its economy and employment. Despite the high cost of doing business, they are resilient and have persevered for decades to do Hong Kong’s economy proud.

But the pro-democracy fighters took only months to destroy decades of hard work done by the MSMEs. It is heart breaking for me to see the damages caused by the protesters who have now turned to rioting and as violence escalates are close to terrorizing the entire state.

While I agree the protestors have every right to fight for their version of democracy, however, I do not agree in the manner they go about causing chaos and hurting businesses. Destroying properties to achieve their goal, to me is an ultimate selfish act. The truth is, the current chaos caused by the protesters are not just hurting the business owners but the employees as well.

Ordinary people are finding it hard to get to work since public transportation is badly affected. Even the roadblocks by the protesters have caused traffic jam to standstill. Shops are forced to close amid safety concerns due to the riots and as a result, workers are unable to work and are not getting paid.

Millions have become the victims of a handful of irresponsible protesters.

It is sad to see how unfair life can be when a large section of the society are working hard to support their family but a small number of people who are not even thinking of how to put food on the table goes around causing chaos with no remorse. If this is the new world democracy, then pray that God will answer to the majority of the society that are peace loving.

It is tough to build a business and even tougher to sustain one but it is also easy to destroy it.

God bless Hong Kong’s #MSME and

#MakeMicroandSmallBusinessesGreat! MSME