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The 46th December

By midnight today I will be completing 46 years of age. In these days and age, a person’s age can no longer be kept a secret. However, sometimes I still encounter people who would like to know my age but feel awkward to ask. They must have forgotten that we are living in the digital world where virtually nothing can be hidden. Our age, where we live, what we eat, what we do, where we travel, etc, all that can be found online.

Hence, it is absolutely fine for me to officially announce my age since anyone or everyone can easily find that out on social media. If I am able to live to the 90s’ like our prime minister, today is the day I have officially completed half of my life’s journey. Despite my relatively healthy lifestyle, I am humble enough to accept the fact that it doesn’t assure me to live to the 90s’. It is my belief that only God the Almighty can decide how long I get to live.

Even though my strict diet and exercise routine doesn’t guarantee me to live long, however, it does give me the benefit to live strong and healthy. Therefore, I am more than willing to carry-on my ‘boring’ life-style as I need to ensure I am healthy enough to perform my duties. I take all my life’s duties seriously and see it as my responsibility to perform them. Apart from personal duties to my family members which is my priority, as founder of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group, it is also my duty to ensure all stakeholders in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are given the right attention, recognition and very importantly, the allocations (funding and assistance). Especially the micro businesses, which I have been shouting out loud in recent times that this large business community that accounts to almost five million in population is struggling badly in the current economy environment.

As an action oriented person, instead of just making empty noises, I have founded Qu Exchange (Kongsi) to tackle the problems faced by the micro businesses. This is another heavy duty that I have taken upon as I need to work very hard to ensure the platform delivers its promises for the benefit of the micro businesses. Whenever I think about my journey, it has always been about serving and giving.

However tough this journey has been, despite its difficulties, I still feel it is worth it since it is my understanding that it is a privilege to be able to serve or give. Better still, serve and give!

G o d b l e s s # M S M E a n d #MakeMicroandSmallBusinessesGreat!