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Relationships With Colleagues A Key Driver Of Workplace Happiness Across Southeast Asia, study finds

The latest study by Milieu Insight offers insight into happiness at the workplace in a post-Covid world.80% of working professionals across Southeast Asia feel that they have a sense of belonging within their company, and 78% agree that their companies give them what they need to do their job effectively.

SINGAPORE – As part of worldwide events to celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work (20 – 26 September 2021), Milieu Insight has released the results of their “Happiness at Work” study based on more than n=6,800 working professionals from across Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam).

The state of happiness at the workplace across Southeast Asia is mixed, as 35% of working professionals stated that they’re happier than one year ago, while 26% said they’re less happy, and the remaining 39% indicated no change. Respondents in Thailand were more likely to be less happy at work than a year ago (45%). In contrast, respondents in Indonesia and the Philippines were more likely to be happier today than a year ago (44% for both countries).


The data is representative of all working adults aged 16 and above, and the margin of error is +/- 2% at 95% confidence level. Data was collected in September 2021.When asked what aspects of their current job make them happy or unhappy, both salary and relationships with their colleagues ranked 1st, at 42%. Their current work arrangement, such as having a flexible work schedule, also ranked high, with 35% of respondents selecting this. Notably, current work arrangements also ranked first as the leading cause of unhappiness. The latter highlights that not all companies have succeeded in adapting their work arrangements to a post-Covid world or that some employees are less open to work-from-home arrangements.