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QUALCOMM Works with YTL Foundation To Provide A Always Connected Laptops To Schools In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – Qualcomm together with YTL Foundation has distributed 50 laptops to TWO (2) schools in Malaysia, SMK La Salle PJ and SMK Air Molek, Melaka. In addition, YTL Foundation has provided a 12-month YES 4G plan with 120GB data with each laptop so that the students can continue learning from home, even as schools start re-opening and transition to hybrid learning.

Mr Goh Thih Liang said, “Qualcomm understands how education is a key driver for economic growth and development and we are excited to collaborate with the YTL Foundation to bring educational laptops with mobile network connectivity to schools in Malaysia. During these challenging times, we’re committed to help bridge the learning gap and one of the ways we’re doing this is through our breakthrough innovations in mobile computing. Laptops to provide access to reliable and stable connectivity from almost anywhere is exactly what today’s students deserve for meeting the demands of modern educational needs.

Dato’ Kathleen Chew said, “We are hopeful that all students will be able to return to school soon and resume in person classes. However, as it may be some time before all students are back in school full time, these laptops will be extremely useful to help students make up for the learning loss experienced in the many months of school closure. Since the start of the pandemic, YTL Foundation has in collaboration with YES and FrogAsia been supporting students with data, devices and learning resources under our Learn From Home Initiative. We are grateful that Qualcomm has come in to partner with us to help us extend the reach of our initiative to even more students.”

Program beneficiaries received the NEO laptop built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c compute platform with products specifically tailored for educational laptop markets. It has in-built 4G connectivity, 4GB RAM and 64GB high-speed SSD storage. These devices are equipped with mobile LTE capabilities to ensure a continuous connection to the Internet, which is highly important for students who are now getting accustomed to remote and distance learning. Pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, these ACPCs are ultra-thin and light while offering fast performance, powerhouse multimedia capabilities and multi-day battery life. This makes them extremely portable, enabling students to extend learning time outside of the classroom and to access vital learning tools anytime and anywhere. By making educational devices more widely available, this program will help equip students in Malaysia with the foundational digital skills to succeed in online and blended learning environments.