Piaget presents WINGS OF LIGHT, the latest high jewellery collection of 2020

Capturing the splendor of lush jungle, Wings of Light embodies a flourishing natural utopia. Join us and discover this secret world that hides treasures that are impossible, and unforgettable. The call of the jungle hums and echoes and grows louder with each nearing step. Wondrous color and sweet scents overwhelm the senses: here, your instincts come even more alive. With every sway of the breeze, distant glistening jewels are revealed. Follow the call of nature and give into tingling curiosity and enter the luscious labyrinth where paradise awaits.

Transcending precision and perfection, we soar with the Piaget Bird on its flight of imagination and inventiveness through the tropics, to reach a tranquil oasis of wonder and harmony, where, as the setting sun glows as embers towards dusk, we emerge to celebrate excellence in an explosion and crescendo of exotic brilliance.

Among dense liana walls and regal palms, a universe of explosive shape and colour awaits. Towering trunks and jewelled garlands swoop and weave like fine gold mesh. Rainbows of sparkling precious gemstones soar across feathered light. Branches flutter and fall, bedecked with lush leaves, vibrant flowers and rich fruits.