Old is Gold

Last week I attended traditional Chinese medicine retailer Eu Yang Sang’s 140th anniversary celebration. Two days prior to that, A Cut Above – the chain of high-end salons – was celebrating its 40th anniversary. On September 9, MALAYSIA SME® Media Group celebrated its 14th anniversary. This is already a big deal to me to have been able to build a business that has lasted 14 years. However, when compared to the two veterans above, we are just a new kid on the block!

While A Cut Above and MALAYSIA SME® Media Group are two businesses that are mainly controlled by its founders, Eu Yang Sang has gone through all sorts of leaderships and management change throughout its 140 years history. Despite the change in control of the company, Eu Yang Sang is still the leading brand in the Chinese traditional healthcare industry. For that, I take my hat off to them and I look up to them for inspiration to propel MALAYSIA SME® Media Group towards our own 140 years-old milestone.

In October this year, MALAYSIA SME® Media Group will once again be organising the MALAYSIA SME® Congress. This will be the 11th time that the CONGRESS is taking place. Over the past 10 years, the CONGRESS has inspired more than 12,000 MSME participants that has gained new business contacts.

Whether it is MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper or MALAYSIA SME® Congress, I am extremely happy that we have created a big impact for the MSME community. While some may think that these ‘old’ products have lost its attractiveness, it is however the opposite. The newspaper and CONGRESS still remain relevant and important today to the MSME community and the community at the same time need these vehicles to champion their voices.

During Chairman Datuk Anne Eu’s speech at the Eu Yang Sang’s 140th year celebration, I shared her pride in managing an ‘old’ business. While it was unfortunate that I had to miss out on A Cut Above’s anniversary celebration and its founder Datin Winnie Loo’s speech, I am certain that the same passion and pride lives in her.

All founders want their business to continue to progress and grow but even at times when they are unable to do so, the founders are still the ones who give their 110%. For those who have never founded a business, you may liken this to a parent who has a child, the bonding and ownership is unbreakable.

God bless MSMEs!