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National Electrical And Electronics Forum Explored The Future Of Malaysian E&E Industry

Electrical & Electronics Productivity Nexus (EEPN), supported by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has organized the National E&E Forum 2020 as part of the government initiative in enhancing economic resilience and ensuring businesses continuity amidst the impact of disturbance in the global supply chain.

Director General of MPC, YBhg. Dato Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman said, the National E&E Forum 2020 provides a platform for greater exchange of views from speakers and panellists from E&E industry across the globe on the impact of COVID-19 and US-China trade war which has influenced the world trade especially in the E&E industry.

The forum explored the future of the E&E industry in the midst of supply chain disruption and sought ways of growing local system designs and development capabilities within Malaysia, to enable it to rise as a recognised force within the region and the world.

The speakers and panelists also shared the winning formula of global technology centre, detailing the barriers encountered by Malaysian companies and ways to adapt the findings to local landscape and transform our local forces into global champions, he said.

In conjunction with this program, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry (MITI), YB Senator Datuk Lim Ban Hong also launched the Electrical & Electronics Marketplace Malaysia (EEMM), a business to business (B2B) online marketplace specifically developed for the E&E industry in Malaysia as the important gateway in promoting Malaysian E&E companies to the international market.

The Champion of Electrical & Electronics Productivity Nexus (EEPN), YBhg. Dato Seri Wong Siew Hai said, EEMM is one of the key strategies to strengthen the local E&E players to become global champion.

Whenever I have dialogue sessions with SMEs, the number one issue highlighted by Malaysia companies are the problem they faced with market access, especially the overseas market. The EEMM is one of the solutions that will address this concern.

In this fast-paced and high-octane world, we need to be agile as change is the only thing that is constant. If we remain stagnant, we will not be able to compete in the global economy. E&E industry has been the backbone of Malaysia’s economy, moving up progressively in the value chain, growing, adopting new technologies and embracing the government’s push for Industry 4.0. The E&E industry has been in Malaysia for nearly 50 years. It has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, its export valued at RM380 billion and its contribution to GDP is 6.3%. It employs 560,000 people. That is how significant it is.

With the right ecosystem that has long been established in Malaysia, we are moving towards the right direction. The future of the E&E industry is very bright. I expect it to continue to grow. The E&E marketplace Malaysia portal is the gateway to the world. he said.

The portal is accessible at covers wide ranges of E&E industry sub-sectors. There are 16 main categories namely; Industry 4.0 & System Integrators, Communication Systems (RF, 5G & Wireless), Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Electronics Healthcare & Medical Devices and many more.