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MPC Launches Digital Regulatory Notification (DRN) To Improve the Efficiency of Rule-Making Process

Petaling Jaya – Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has digitalized their Regulatory Notification Submission process by launching the ‘Digital Regulatory Notification’ (DRN) today. DRN aims to improve the efficiency of rule-making process and supporting Good Regulatory Practice (GRP). This move is in line with government ongoing digitalization initiatives that will bring further positive impact to the productivity and competitiveness of the country.  

Speaking at the launch of the DRN today, MPC Director General Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman said that this move is imperative to help regulators comply with Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) requirements when developing or amending regulations.

“This is a major milestone for MPC as we constantly look for ways to enhance smart regulations’ best practices, especially today when all businesses are embarking in digital transformation. This includes ensuring that efficiency in processing submission helps regulators make better decisions,” said MPC Director General Dato’ Abdul Latiff Haji Abu Seman at the launch.

DRN is the main element of RIA, a process of examining the likely impact of a proposed regulation and a range of alternative options. RIA is applicable to any amendments to existing regulations or drafting of new regulations, with significant impact involving business, investment, or trade. Currently, MPC is overseeing the whole RIA process.

“The RIA process is for regulators to state their proposals on new or existing regulations to MPC using the DRN platform. When this was done manually, it took 10 days or 14,400 minutes to get feedback from us if the proposal requires RIA or not. Now, it takes about 7 minutes through DRN, equivalent to almost instant response,” continues Dato Abdul Latif.

The previous process was done manually where regulators were required to provide details that included information pertaining to their proposals, background, impact on cost as well as implementation strategy. With DRN, the time is shortened due to regulators will only need to fill in specific particulars and some background on regulations and choose relevant exemption and impact that are readily listed in the platform. The whole process takes approximately 7 minutes for regulators. At the end of the session, regulators are notified instantly whether their proposal requires RIA or not. Also, with DRN, regulators can submit their Regulatory Notification anywhere and anytime. The feedback response time is almost instant.

The DRN can be accessed through GRP Portal <<>>.  For more information, please contact Ms. Rabiatul Hana binti Ishak (0147169285, [email protected]).