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MPC and TPN certify the tourism industry players who adhere to covid-19 guidelines

Tourism Productivity Nexus (TPN), fully supported by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) today launched “Adopt and Adhere” COVID-19 Guidelines for the tourism industry to add value to companies which comply with government issued standard operating procedures. The guidelines were issued under its certification scheme, Malaysia Tourism Excellence (MaTEx) Business Certification Programme. “Adopt and Adhere” COVID-19 Guidelines are made compulsory to companies that subscribe to the certification programme. The industry players who fulfil the guidelines’ indicators successfully will be given a certificate for display at their premises.

YBhg. Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman, MPC Director-General said in his keynote speech that the number one criterion in the guidelines is compliance to the government issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) relevant to the industry players’ business activities. “Productivity happens when things are done right, and during this recovery period, adhering to SOPs is the right thing to do.”

He added “For as much as the public is doing their part in catalysing domestic tourism, that much as well the tourism industry players have to play the role in prioritising health, hygiene, and safety in delivering tourism products and services. This is when compliance to relevant SOPs is of significance. The time is very crucial as the fate of winning the war against the pandemic is now in our hands, the public and industry players alike.”

TPN Champion, Uzaidi Udanis, deliberated in his briefing on the guidelines earlier “This year, TPN has received more than 300 new applications to subscribe to the industry level Malaysia Tourism Excellence (MaTEx) Business Certification Programme. In order to be certified under the certification scheme, companies must comply not only with the standards, but also with “Adopt and Adhere” COVID-19 Guidelines by TPN and MPC.”

He further added that the guidelines complement government’s effort for compliance to SOPs during the recovery period.

“TPN hopes that this effort will assist companies to gain more trust and confidence from tourists on their products and services, and eventually garner more sales. The initiative aims to put forward the industry players who adhere to government’s order in conducting tourist activities.”