MINI Malaysia Unveils The MINI Electric First Edition

MINI, the most sophisticated compact premium automotive brand in Malaysia today introduced the highly exclusive MINI Electric First Edition for the first time in the country. Only 15 units of the unique all-electric three-door hatch will be made available complete with distinct design aesthetics, and luxury in comfort. 

“Last month, MINI Malaysia proudly introduced the New All-Electric MINI, marking an incredible success in our electrifying milestone. It was our pride and joy to present a cutting-edge creation of sustainable go-karting thrill in this day and age, while not compromising on delivering maximum driving excitement. Today, MINI Malaysia combines this with ultimate exclusivity with the MINI Electric First Edition,” said Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia. 

“In the name of passion and innovative success towards electromobility, MINI is driven to not just exceed fun-filled driving expectations of all MINIacs but to further expand the importance and demand for electrified vehicles. We are grateful to see the demand of electrified vehicles grow and we will strive to push for greater visibility on electromobility in Malaysia.” Hoelzl added. 

With only 15 units available in Malaysia, exclusivity has never been more desirable while the vehicle’s bespoke side scuttles and door sills bears the indication of units available such as “one of fifteen”. The MINI Electric First Edition also debuts an all-new exterior colour in the stunning MINI Yours Enigmatic Black.

The MINI Electric First Edition presents premium luxury and comfort at its finest in the vehicle’s interior with the MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Upholstery and MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Steering. At night, watch the electrified MINI come to life with MINI Yours Illuminated Interior Surface as it lights up from a choice of 12 ambient light colours. Additionally, the Panorama Glass Roof of the MINI Electric First Edition presents a clear view of the sky, day or night.

Electrifying in style. 

The MINI Electric First Edition brings unconventional style to the New All-Electric MINI, refining an eccentric look while expressing individualism of the vehicle and its owner. With a combination of thrilling MINI go kart handling, sustainability, and urban premium aesthetics, electric driving becomes the ultimate lifestyle companion one could ever desire.

The MINI Electric First Edition arrives in the exclusive MINI Yours Enigmatic Black, featuring its front blade and aero-optimised mirror caps in Energetic Yellow. Alternatively, the MINI Electric First Edition is also available in the popular White Silver with Energetic Yellow accents. The roof for both exterior body colours will be available in Black and is completed with the Panorama Glass Roof for a clear view of the sky, be it day or night. 

The exclusive three-door hatch is equipped with the Lights Package which includes the Matrix LED headlights and LED rear lights featuring the iconic Union Jack design. The MINI also features the First Edition Door Sill and First Edition Side Scuttle, bearing the indication of its exclusivity – “one of fifteen”. 

The MINI Electric First Edition features adapted spats geometry. Interior and exterior mirrors with anti-dazzle function also equips the vehicle as standard. The exclusive MINI also features 17-inch wheels in the MINI Electric Power Spoke two-tone with run flat tyres. Behind, the MINI Electric First Edition features a charging flap with an embossed E-badge in the MINI vehicle’s exclusive body colour – MINI Yours Enigmatic Black. 

Agility with minimal carbon footprint.  

Like the New All-Electric MINI, the MINI Electric First Edition is powered by the latest dynamic version of the synchronous electric motor developed by the BMW Group. The front-axle electric engine is capable of 135kw/184HP, as well as a 12-module T-shaped battery unit with a net capacity of 28.9kWh. The MINI Electric First Edition has a peak torque of 270Nm, and emits zero carbon emissions locally while consuming 16.8 – 14.8kWh per 100km of travel. 

The MINI Electric First Edition has a maximum speed of 150km/h and a driving range of up to 234km (WLTP) or 270km (NEDC) while capable of achieving the century sprint in 7.3 seconds. With a single-speed transmission and integrated differential that maximises MINI’s iconic go-kart feeling, the new and exclusive MINI Electric First Edition will precede its reputation. 

The MINI Electric First Edition is complete with the single-pedal drive which is part of the characteristic driving experience in the All-Electric MINI. This means the electrically powered vehicle can be appropriately decelerated at low speeds without using the brake system and therefore being driven using a single pedal. The electrified MINI also features the actuator-contiguous wheel slip limiter (ARB) function which significantly improves traction by providing faster control. Four driving modes in Sport, Mid, Green and Green+ are available in the MINI Electric First Edition.

Luxury in comfort. 

The MINI Electric First Edition presents premium design aesthetics with maximum comfort in driving experience. The new three-door hatch interior includes the MINI Electric Cockpit Fascia, MINI Electric Start/Stop button in Yellow, MINI Electric velour floor mats, an electronic selector lever with Electric design, as well as the brake energy recuperation toggle. The interior rear-view mirror with anti-dazzle function also equips the MINI as standard.

Exclusively in the MINI Electric First Edition is the MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Upholstery and MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Steering Wheel. The exclusive MINI is also complete with Leather Cross Punch seats in Carbon Black, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, as well as the MINI 12-Colour Illuminated ambient lighting. As with the New All-Electric MINI, the luggage capacity of this exclusive MINI is 211 litres with the ability to expand up to 731 litres. 

The MINI Electric First Edition is equipped with a wealth of navigational information via an 8.8-inch MINI Navigation System featuring the full MINI Connected suite including Teleservices, Remote Services, Intelligent Emergency Call, MINI Online and Apple Carplay. The exclusive vehicle also arrives with Head Up Display, 12-Speaker Harman Kardon Sound System, and wireless charging function for mobile phones. 

The Digital Instrument Cluster comes standard with the MINI Electric First Edition, capable of displaying key information like speed, range, state of charge of the battery. It can also display the current MINI Driving Mode, which then calibrates the colour shown on the light ring in the central instrument accordingly. 

Information on traffic sign detection reports and high-guiding directions from the navigation system are also presented to the driver via the digital instrument cluster, which also provides access to telephone contacts and audio programme lists. 

All electricity, no emissions. 

The MINI Electric First Edition only requires approximately 36 minutes to go from zero to 80% charge when recharging at a DC charging station. Similarly, the MINI Wallbox Plus provides an 80% charge in just two and half hours. At home, the MINI can be charged to 80% in 12 hours with the yellow contingency charging cable which is available with the vehicle. Owners can also view the charging progress on the inside of the charging flap.

This exclusive MINI is equipped with the MINI eDrive for intelligent digital services and functions for a hassle-free drive. The Green Driving Assistant (GDA) provides useful onboard functionalities, such as the Range Assistant that presents different solutions to the driver in case of insufficient battery. It then suggests a more efficient route (Green Route), driving mode or the nearest charging station, so the driver can still arrive at their destination. The range circle also displays the range within the selected driving mode in the map.

Efficient driving through intelligent assistance.  

The MINI Electric First Edition is equipped with the Driving Assistant System, a camera-based driving assistance system package consisting of the Speed Limit Info and digital high-beam assistant that automatically activates at speeds of 50 km/h and higher, or when there is insufficient exterior lighting. The Driving Assistant System is also complete with the person warning with light city braking function and the approach control warning with light city braking function. The Park Assistant, front and rear Park Distance Control, Cruise Control with braking function, along with the Wired packages also come as standard in this exclusive MINI.

Meanwhile, the MINI Connected app provides full transparency on the vehicle’s status such as range, charging progress, prediction of the vehicle’s fully charged time, as well as preconditioned to the set interior temperature while being charged. The app also displays the owner’s personal driving statistics and tutorials to help improve skills for efficient driving.

Booking for the exclusive MINI Electric First Edition can be made at all authorised MINI dealerships nationwide.