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Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre tailored for SMEs

Maxis new superfast fibre plans are a one-stop centre for all SME business needs

In a world where stable high speed connectivity is expected and has become the norm, Maxis continues to elevate its fibre broadband experience by introducing new superfast Internet speeds.

For those small and medium businesses (SMEs) looking to fulfill their Internet requirements Maxis ONEBusiness is a one-stop solution that provides a cost effective fibre plan with a range of solution options that SMEs can add on according to their respective needs.

With SMEs in mind Maxis has three new packages at speeds of 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps that enable enhanced Internet experience for businesses.

As customers immerse themselves in an ever expanding universe of connected applications and services, Maxis continues to provide an unmatched end-to-end Internet experience, bringing together advanced connectivity and great technical care. As a digital enabler, Maxis can help SMEs unlock their potential.

High speed connectivity, security, and cost efficiency are three important factors that are becoming increasingly vital to business continuity and growth. Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre offers superfast speeds for businesses that are beginning to adopt more advanced technologies and cloud-based services.

Businesses now have the opportunity to streamline, customise and manage their Internet requirements and are able to add-on products and managed WiFi solutions without incurring additional costs.

The superfast Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre plans come together with Internet security, powered by Cisco, at no additional charge.

Enhanced Internet security

The new packages come with the necessary hardware, high speeds and are convenient to install as Maxis experts provide technical support to SME customers straight from the installation process and will be on hand to provide a smooth transition journey.

Maxis business fibre packages come with Internet security and offers a cloud-based solution to safeguard from malware and phishing.


Reliability, zero downtime

Having a backup line is vital for SMEs. If the fibre service goes down, the wireless Internet backup (that is given via an embedded SIM card) will automatically activate. This zero downtime is critical for businesses as they cannot afford any Internet disruptions. With ONEBusiness Fibre plan, a backup is also given for the IP Voice service, ensuring that customers stay connected continuously and will always be able to make calls.

The new fibre speeds are a key factor in providing businesses with a great IP voice experience. It is a perfect match ensuring SMEs enjoy future-proof connectivity while saving costs.

Maxis provides two types of IP Voice — Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceConnect and Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP that are designed and tailored for businesses of different sizes.


Customisable fibre plans

The ONEBusiness Fibre plans that are bundled with IP Voice come with an affordable voice package with free calls to Maxis fixed and mobile numbers and free hardware (bundled analog telephone adapter and office phone). This can help companies save up to 40% on office phone bills and reduces costs on hardware such as PABX systems.

The router required for ONEBusiness Fibre is also provided free of cost. The IP Voice packages offer SMEs scalability as they can start small and add lines or upgrade their speed as they grow. The solutions are highly beneficial to SMEs and involve very low start-up costs.

Businesses that require a lot of phone calls such as telemarketers, insurance companies and travel agents will benefit from Maxis ONEBusinesss VoiceConnect.

To find out how Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre can help enhance your business providing continuous connectivity and solutions to drive productivity, log on to: