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Managing Your Company Better With RHB Reflex Premium Plus

Within the last couple of years, businesses have been struggling to find a way to keep operations going. This is especially true for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

According to a news article back in September 2021, over 37,415 businesses had to shut down when Malaysia was going through the last movement control order (MCO 3.0) that was enforced in May of that year. A majority of that number (26,007) were micro businesses.

Not only were businesses hanging on a thread financially, the workforce market also took a plunge, causing instability among employees and those who are looking for jobs.

This resulted in the rapid advancement of digitalisation efforts among companies nationwide. Businesses that were reluctant to turn to technology before are forced to search for convenient solutions to digitalise their operations in order to survive.

A great example of such a solution is the RHB Reflex Premium Plus that integrates between the RHB bank platform with human resource (HR) business software.

The RHB Reflex Premium Plus is able to help SMEs juggle all aspects of their business operations easily via an all-in-one online banking ecosystem that comes with all the automated solutions that a business needs.

Its affordable package (as low as RM50 per month) comes in 4 different solutions: Accounting, HR, Education and Sales and Inventory Management.

Because of its simplified operations, it allows any size of business to utilise the solution, from SMEs, startups, retailers and even micro businesses.

Most of all, the RHB Reflex Premium Plus is a cloud-based platform so it enables the users to access the platform anywhere, allowing them to access precise sales data tracking, conduct payroll automation and even manage inventory on the go.



Among some of the features of the RHB Reflex Premium Plus includes:

  • Live bank displays
  • All-in-one accounting dashboard
  • Secure payment initiation
  • Cloud-based POS system
  • Real-time reporting
  • Improved inventory management
  • Full integration with RHB MPOS Terminal and so much more.

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