MALAYSIA SME® Congress is an annual nationwide event which is devoted to MSMEs in Malaysia. It inspires, uplifts and moves MSMEs towards greater heights in local and international success. This Congress has catered to over 10,000 MSME businesses from the previous successful congresses. The event will mark its 11th year anniversary in 2019. Successful international MSME speakers share their success stories, experiences and business skills based on each years theme.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress is a great asset as it grows and builds MSMEs throughout the country. In short, the MALAYSIA SME® Congress is a major MSME-centric event in the MSME calendar.

The Theme over the years:

The 2009 congress was the first ever long awaited inaugural MALAYSIA SME® Congress which resulted in great success. The main objective of the congress is to inspire and motivate MSMEs to achieve greater heights while providing a perfect platform for them to network. The theme, Overcoming Adversity: How MSMEs Do It, is of utmost relevance to MSMEs today in light of the current economic environment. Being the first to host this congress, MALAYSIA SME® has left a great positive mark on many existing and growing MSMEs. Overall, the first MALAYSIA SME® Congress has certainly opened a new platform for MSMEs from around the country to learn, share and network.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2010, ‘It’s All About MSMEs’, was the second congress held. The main objective of this congress was to provide a deeper understanding of industries that MSMEs are involved in. In addition, success stories from various industries were featured to encourage larger growth within the MSME community. As a result, the congress encourages the identification of ready opportunities that are available to help MSMEs develop their businesses. Overall, MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2010 was a great platform to learn and share the success stories of various MSMEs.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2011 shared the same theme as the previous congress, ‘It’s All About MSMEs’. The 2011 Congress has a special place in the hearts of MSMEs as Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was one of our distinguished MSME speakers. Topics such as differentiation in branding, advertising and promotion philosophy were shared by experienced and successful MSME speakers. The congress was held to provide recognition and inspiration to MSMEs.

‘All MSMEs Matter’, was the theme for the Congress in 2012. The congress provided the ideal opportunity for many MSMEs to conduct networking sessions which allowed them to take their businesses to a higher level. During this congress, the speakers stressed on the importance of getting the team to ‘be in the same boat’. Overall, the congress aimed to motivated entrepreneurs to build connections and relate with other MSMEs.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2013 was all about determination, courage and resilience. With the theme ‘Inspiring’, 2013 rotated around MSMEs charting different entrepreneurial journeys and having different stories to share. The year 2013 marked the 5th year of the MSME Congress with one of the most diverse range of speakers to share their various experiences. Unlike previous congresses, ‘Inspiring’ brought topics which enabled MSMEs to rise to the top.

Evolution is all about coming together to celebrate MSMEs that have been involved in the nation’s economic growth as well as being the key pillars for long-term stability. The theme, ‘Evolution’ says it all, as the congress was pre-dominantly about forming connections and imparting technological knowledge. The congress allowed many MSMEs to dig in deeper and expand their businesses as they had chances to broaden their knowledge of their businesses.

The 2015 Congress rotated around the theme, ‘Future Now!’, which aims to acknowledge the underlying ambitions of businesses in general. The speakers shared radically different business solutions to encourage entrepreneurs to begin noticing innovations they had previously ignored. We believe each individual possesses a unique characteristic when it comes to finding the right solutions for their respective businesses. With the rapid evolution of marketing, geography is no longer a competitive advantage as business can be conducted with just a ‘click’ regardless of the location. Hence, the MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2015 enabled entrepreneurs to unleash and explore various market opportunities to transform their business operations.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2016, better known as the Triple A, Active, Advance, Adventure, is a bonus for the Malaysian MSMEs. The main motif of this congress is about being creative instead of plain genius to grab attention of consumers. Not only that, 2016 was a year of breakthrough as it involved on how to make products or services worthwhile which leads to a powerful business.

The MALAYSIA SME® Congress 2017 was all about creating new markets, producing millions of job opportunities and upholding the idea of ‘sharing’. The main theme, Collectivism: The New Economy, was mainly to inspire MSMEs and deliver the latest information on a Digital Sharing Economy. In addition, the congress further explored the rapidly changing global landscape of how people bought goods and services. It provided budding entrepreneurs, with a wider platform to project great ideas out to the population. In line with the current trend of digital economy, the 2017 congress was all ‘Digital’ with a theme focusing on ‘Sharing Economy’.

‘Small But Mighty’, the theme given for the year 2018, was mainly to inspire MSMEs that they do not have to be big to be mighty. This conference also encouraged MSMEs to go big on technologies as the world is evolving in many ways. In addition to that, ‘Small But Mighty’ enabled small businesses to find value in each other and help boost confidence and relationship among themselves. Where small doses of knowledge can lead to mighty steps forwards.

Date: 10th Oct 2019, Thursday
Theme: Progressing into Growth

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