MALAYSIA SME® Business Newspaper

MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is the only business newspaper which serves the SME community in the county. This paper is specially dedicated to SMEs, covering SME business news, general news, updates and events. It is a fortnightly publication that contains insights, analysis, interviews and highlights the lives of highly successful SME personalities. The newspaper’s content is curated for SME businesses and aims to be the conduit to link them to the corporate sector and government agencies. The MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is published by MSME Publishing Sdn Bhd, a member of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group. The business paper contains several special pull-outs:

  • PUBLIC & PRIVATE – focuses on large firms
  • BUSINESS & SPACE – focuses on business space for SMEs
  • ENGAGE – a monthly pull out that features councils, chambers of commerce, trade associations nationwide.

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