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Maideasy Introduces Virtual Processes to Continue Championing Malaysians in Need

When COVID-19 caused a nation-wide Movement Control Order (MCO), Maideasy, a homegrown company that allows homeowners to book part-time cleaners through their app, was forced to stop operating. Due to customers feeling apprehensive about cleaning crews entering their homes and vice versa, business operations could not go on as usual.

As soon as the lockdown was implemented, Meriza Mustapha, Chief Operating Officer of Maideasy, quickly adapted internal training sessions to be conducted virtually. This not only takes into account the safety SOPs necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19, but it ensured that all employees were kept safe, healthy and protected.

By acutely utilizing technological and virtual tools at their disposal, Maideasy was able to continue championing B40 Malaysians in need of employment. Preliminary training sessions were conducted virtually, which gave employees a chance to learn about the brand and how to navigate its app’s functionalities. Due to training sessions no longer solely focusing on cleaning, employees had the opportunity to become more tech-savvy and acquire transferable business and management skills.

Holding training sessions virtually has also allowed both employer and employee to save costs — including RM5000+ per session from training location booking fees, along with associated transportation costs for employees to attend. Through this digitalization, Maideasy’s employees have learned to seamlessly adapt to and adopt virtual practices that not only provide them with an avenue for sustainable employment, but also empower them to be independent and self-reliant.

On that note, we would like to check your interest in speaking to Meriza Mustapha, Chief Operating Officer of Maideasy, who would be happy to share her thoughts on:

  • How being forced to introduce virtual processes has in turn brought positive implications to Maideasy’s business operations.
  • How digitalising have upskilled Maideasy’s employees and teach them to be more tech-savvy (employee testimonials/interviews available upon request).
  • How Maideasy’s cleaning crew is coping with significant changes from the start of COVID-19 till now
  • The importance of championing those in B40 community who are currently unemployed.
  • What processes have been put in place to ensure that Maideasy customers and employees are protected, from a health and safety perspective.