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Glove Manufacturers Coping With 60% Workforce Ruling To Help The Government Combat Covid-19

Petaling Jaya – In an immediate response to the newly imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0, Dr Supramaniam Shanmugam, the President of the Malaysian Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) reiterated that it is a move that is understandable and will support the Government’s effort to combat the rampaging Covid 19 cases currently prevailing in our Nation.

Every Citizens and Corporations must adhere to the guidelines and be responsible in our own premises to ensure the highest standards of hygiene is being practised. We have issued several notices to our members to ensure timely periodical Covid test on our staffs and workers and to carry out sustainable sanitization of the workplaces as well. As a further precaution, we have made representations to the authorities, wherein, we are willing to vaccinate all our employees within the glove industry, at our expense, on an urgent basis, if such vaccines can be made available.

We believe that our Members are experienced and matured enough to cope with the 60% ordinance while ensuring enough glove is being produced for the requirement of the World. The demand for gloves remains extremely robust for the healthcare sector and we are gearing up to meet the demand of the non-healthcare sectors which are slowly but surely moving towards a recovery program. As Europe and America move towards a recovery economic agenda, it means the awakening of the non-healthcare sectors such as food handling, industrial, cleanroom laboratory, dermatology, tattooing etc.

Traditionally, this sector requires about 17 % of all gloves produced and this will be a hefty number to contend with. MARGMA is ever mindful that there are many countries that its Members must do its best to alleviate the shortages of medical glove supply as they are in dire need of this critical PPE item. We have urged our Members to assist India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other South American nations by providing more medical gloves to them as they are severely in need.

It is true that productivity could be hampered a little by this 60 % workforce ruling, but, we are assured by our Members that they will cope with it to ensure no severe shortage of this important PPE item to the World. Current lead times on delivery will be slightly longer. Malaysian manufacturers, produce 67% of global supply: we hence, have a responsibility to all humanity of the World and we will do our best to manage the situation.

Meantime, MARGMA wishes to caution the global community, especially newcomers to this trade not to get conned and scammed by promises of quick and cheap shipments. Even, if there are instances of this nature, the quality will be suspect. Prices and demand have remained steady and stabilized and speculators can easily get caught out by sweet promises.

Dr Supramaniam Shanmugam