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Exabytes Partners with Google Cloud to Create SME Kick-Starter Bundles, Offering Google Workspace to SMEs

  • These bundles are available to SMEs in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Three business bundles are available, each with a free domain and 50 gigabytes of backup storage
  • The partnership aims to improve SMEs’ ability to digitise their businesses to reduce costs, optimise processes, and accelerate growth

Kuala Lumpur – All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital, and eCommerce solutions provider Exabytes has partnered with Google Cloud to create SME Kick-Starter Bundles for SMEs in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The three business bundles offer Google Workspace, along with a free domain and 50 gigabytes of free backup storage. The bundles aim to help SMEs to adopt and effectively utilise digital and cloud technologies to reduce costs, optimise processes, and reach more customers.

All bundles contain customised and secure Google Workspace applications. Additionally, they come with a free .com or selected local domains, 50 gigabytes of backup storage, security and management control, and local technical support. There is also an additional 5% off for Mastercard Business Card holders who purchase the bundles using their card.

Built on the industry’s leading cloud-native communication and collaboration platform, Google Workspace brings together the applications people know and love – like Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and more – into a single, integrated workspace, with built-in enterprise-grade access management, device management, data protection, and data encryption, to establish a secure remote working environment from anywhere, on any device.

“Digitalisation is vital for businesses looking to stay competitive, and Southeast Asia is witnessing the fastest pace of digital transformation in the Asia Pacific region,” said Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder and CEO of the Exabytes Group of Companies. Mr Chan continues, “Our strategic partnership with Google Cloud will combine the strengths of Google Workspace, as a platform for people to connect, create and collaborate anywhere, and Exabytes, as a regional company with local expertise and a strong track record. This marks a new milestone for us and our sister group of companies. We look forward to the possibilities of our partnership, and the new opportunities we will bring to SMEs to digitise their businesses and enhance their ability to grow and scale.”

With Google Workspace in the mix, the bundles will give businesses a streamlined set of applications and tools to accelerate business digitisation and improve collaboration between employees. This is a far cry from when Mr Chan first started his business, when he had to work with many providers to get the services his business needed. He also had many issues finding local business service providers that could provide local technical support.

“By combining our strong local technical support with the holistic set of business applications from Google Workspace, we are now able to offer end-to-end services that can support any SME looking to get started,” Mr Chan continued. “SMEs have diverse needs and often require local support as they go digital. This includes the ability to empower employees with the innovative and flexible tools they need to connect, create, and collaborate securely on any device – whether they are returning to the office, working from home, or serving customers on the frontlines. Together with our regional partner, Exabytes, we are delighted to be able to participate in the digital transformation of SMEs across the Southeast Asia region and beyond. We are confident that SMEs will benefit from the newly launched SME Kick-Starter Bundles – which combine the Google Workspace tools that more than three billion people worldwide already use and love, with Exabytes’ suite of service offerings,” said Mr Yuval Dvir, Global Director, Online Scaled Partnerships, Google Workspace.