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eBay Launches “Global 24/7” Programme to Empower Malaysian SMEs

eBay is launching “Global 24/7”, an e-Commerce accelerator programme specifically designed to help SMEs leverage eBay’s platform for global export as the economy gradually enters a recovery phase.

This e-Commerce accelerator programme provides start-up incentives, necessary tools, trainings, and assistance for business owners to tap into eBay’s global marketplace of over 174 million active buyers. The programme is extended to markets across the Southeast Asia region which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

“Global e-Commerce has experienced exponential growth due to a shift in consumer behaviour, following the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysian SME exporters on our platform have seen a corresponding increase, especially in the health supplements, electronics, and automotive categories, where volumes have more than doubled from the same period last year,” said Tam Yong Sheng, Head of Business Development eBay Southeast Asia.

“This shows that e-Commerce is a key driver for SMEs to recover from the economic downturn. Our aspiration with the Global 24/7 programme is to empower businesses by helping them move online more quickly and giving them the opportunity to participate in an international marketplace with approximately 1.5 billion live listings at any given time across 190 markets.” 

“Global 24/7” on eBay

The Programme will run from 1 July to 31 December 2020, and offers the following benefits to new sellers:

Dedicated account manager: Each business owner with more than 100 products on eBay will also be assigned a dedicated account manager for personalised guidance and consultation to ensure they make the most of their online store. New Business Seller Incentive: eBay will waive 100% of eBay Store fees at the Basic subscription tier and 50% of fees for businesses to use Promoted Listings to advertise their products.  Total incentive for each seller can be as high as US$1,000 . These benefits will significantly reduce the cost for SMEs to grow their business online.

Free Access to Product Listing Tools worth up to US$700: Sellers will have full access to Viewider, enabling easy product information migration from their existing online selling channels. Those in the Automotive category will be entitled to additional listing assistance to map their items to eBay’s Master Vehicle List, enhancing visibility through eBay’s fitment finder. These tools will reduce the amount of manual work SMEs need to complete and accelerate their go global journey.

Preferential Shipping Rates & US Storage Fee Subsidy: In partnership with DHL Express, this programme offers new businesses discounted shipping rates from Southeast Asia, and a dedicated account manager to expedite the account opening process. For businesses who are keen to store their items in the United States to provide a better buyer experience, eBay will provide a subsidy (worth US$1,200) of 12-months of storage fees in partner warehouses 

Educational webinars: eBay will be conducting bi-weekly webinars for business owners to gain insights on cross market selling opportunities on eBay, best practices to optimize listing ranking and visibility, and tips on developing a traffic generation plan to their virtual storefront.

Market intelligence: To help business owners make better informed decisions and strategies, eBay will be creating local market intelligence reports for their specific product categories and industries. 

Meanwhile, recorded webinars and self-help tutorials will be available at the eBay e-Commerce Accelerator webpage.  All in all, the benefits under the Global 24/7 initiative  have been carefully tailored with the main purpose of upskilling small business owners to digitalise and globalize their businesses in a sustainable manner and significantly reduce the cost for them to setup their digital storefront on eBay.

Who are eligible?

SMEs who have an existing business but do not have an eBay store are eligible to apply for this programme. This includes large and small businesses across the value chain – from manufacturers to dealers to retailers. 

To get started, they will need to apply on and follow the instructions that follow in the subsequent email. The application period for this programme is from 1 July to 30 September 2020. 

Malaysian SMEs on eBay

The United States, Australia, and Europe are the top 3 export destination markets for Malaysian SMEs on eBay with automotive parts being the leading category of sales globally, followed closely by home improvement items, cellphones and accessories, and health and beauty products.

Simultaneously, retail exports by Malaysian sellers on eBay continue to grow rapidly in a variety of product categories, hence, indicating the opportunity for SMEs in the global marketplace. In the first quarter of 2020, compared with the same period last year, these categories have grown tremendously in terms of items sold:

  • For the US market, the health supplements category is the most popular, seeing a growth of approximately 100%
  • As for the United Kingdom, Malaysia’s cross-border trade for the electronics and health supplements products have recorded over 350% and 260% growth rate respectively
  • Sales of collectibles such as action figures and video game products from Malaysia to Australia have increased more than 100%
  • In Germany, the highest export category is watches and their parts and accessories which has grown over 75% since last year
  • Skin care products have recorded the highest growth in the European region that comprise of France, Italy, and Spain