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Cyber Security Exchange Malaysia 2021

Transform your cyber resilience with tomorrow’s Cyber and Data Security Megatrends.

The economic and social impact of COVID-19 is still unclear, but the pandemic has forced the community to change their behaviours, lifestyle and work. Whilst employees are now encouraged to work remotely, unfortunately new and more cyberattacks have emerged and the trend is expected to continue. In 2020, CyberSecurity Malaysia had recorded 9,042 cases, of which 71 per cent of it involves fraud.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) biggest challenges in the coming months are to inculcate a real culture of security for their respective companies. CISOs will need to identify the frameworks and evaluate risks in order for the business to move forward in a safe environment.

Like many countries, Malaysia has also faced challenges brought about by the pandemic of COVID-19, and the subsequent contraction of the global economy. Last year alone, too many people and organizations around the globe have suffered great losses, and now it is the time for us to rebuild together. In today’s digital world, cybersecurity has become ever more important as a significant pillar in the foundation of any organisation or government.

With the support of CyberSecurity Malaysia, the Cyber Security Exchange Malaysia 2021 will aim to transform your cyber resilience with tomorrow’s Cyber and Data Security Megatrends. Happening on February 2 and 3, this webinar will take a close look at some of the cyber trends that are happening in Malaysia and around the world. It includes panel discussions where Cybersecurity experts from Government, Industry and Academia will explore the threats, challenges and opportunities in Cybersecurity.

Join us as we highlight some of the best practices that you can implement to ensure you remain cyber safe. There will also be keynote and panel sessions, presentations, followed by Q&A and discussion with leading cyber security industry players from both the Malaysian and International arena. Tickets for this webinar can be purchased via Early bird tickets are priced at USD270 for a full 2-day pass.