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Auto Craver Introduces Website Service for Car Dealers to Boost Marketing

Poised to help transform and digitize the local car dealership industry, Auto Craver Tradings Sdn. Bhd. today announced that it is now offering TurboWeb, a fast and easy solution to create a website, for car dealers in Malaysia. TurboWeb is offered in a service package inclusive of car inventory details, listing management as well as a cloud web hosting service. TurboWeb service package is available on an annual subscription basis and at the price of RM3,999 per year.

Adham Fayumi Wan Saffiey, CEO of Auto Craver said, “TurboWeb makes it easier for car dealers to strengthen their online branding by having a gallery on their own website. Dealers can leverage on social media and other third-party platforms by linking them back to the website, they can have a better control of their brand, expand their customer base and drive more sales leads directly to their business.”

TurboWeb is integrated with social media and messaging tools so car dealers can enjoy smarter digital marketing.

In addition, it makes managing car sales more efficiently via a website. For instance, when a new car is created for sale in the dealer’s database, it will instantly appear on the dealer’s website, and, meanwhile, when a car is marked as sold, TurboWeb system will unpublish the car from the website.

With TurboWeb service package, dealers will get a maintenance-free website so they can focus on what they are good at – selling cars.

Commenting on the state of the local car dealership industry Adham Fayumi said, “The car dealership industry in Malaysia is ripe for disruption. For instance, in the used and recon car sector, there are over 4000 dealers across the country and we’ve noticed that a huge number of them are still caught up in conventional ways of doing work, and they lack digital presence. So, going digital should be a priority for these car dealers especially during the tough times we live in today because of COVID-19pandemic.”

“We encourage dealers whether they sell new, used or recon cars, to equip their business with digital business and marketing solutions to strengthen online presence and grow,” he concluded.

About Auto Craver:

Auto Craver is an emerging developer of car dealership management technology solutions. Founded in 2015 as a car auction/bidding platform, Auto Craver has since 2017 pivoted the business to focus on digitalizing the car dealership infrastructure. Its flagship product called TurboDMS is a comprehensive cloud-based system that helps car dealers to digitize workflows including car loan applications, so they can enjoy cost savings and improve service efficiencies. Auto Craver Tradings Sdn. Bhd. is based in Kuala Lumpur. Web: