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Quid Pro Quo

Ever since the United State (US) Congress begin formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, the phrase “quid pro quo” gained much traction. Trump has maintained throughout the impeachment inquiry th...

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The 46th December

By midnight today I will be completing 46 years of age. In these days and age, a person’s age can no longer be kept a secret. However, sometimes I still encounter people who would like to know my age but feel a...

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The cost in fighting for democracy

Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia, is officially in recession following months of protests and riots. In a nutshell, the on-going pro-democracy protest is ruining the country’s economy which had taken decade...


Small and miserable

We are living in challenging times and the economy is not in the best of shape. Most people feel that it will get worse next year and do not foresee a recovery in the foreseeable time. As we can already notice ...


David vs Goliath

It is unthinkable today for someone in a brick and mortar business to start a fast-food business with the intention of competing head on with the likes of McDonald’s or KFC. Either this person is insane or will...


Make a difference to that one

Last week prior to the Budget 2020 announcement, I was eager to see what was in store in the national budget for micro businesses. As usual, except for few goodies that was allocated for the lower income earner...


Old is Gold

Last week I attended traditional Chinese medicine retailer Eu Yang Sang’s 140th anniversary celebration. Two days prior to that, A Cut Above – the chain of high-end salons – was celebrating its 40th anniversary...

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Your spark lights me up

I am writing this piece exactly on September 9 (9/9) in conjunction with the anniversary of MALAYSIA SME® Media Group and Qu Exchange. This year MALAYSIA SME® Media Group celebrates its 14th anniversary. As for...


Fighting a losing battle at home

Recently, a news media outlet revisited an old problem that is getting more severe, namely the proliferation of small businesses run by foreigners. While the law allows foreigners to set-up businesses here and ...


Nano, micro & startup enterprises

At a conference recently, I overheard an interesting discussion about small and medium-sized enterprise (SME). A gentleman was asking if a start-up is considered an SME. It is surprising, at least to me that ev...