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A Whole New Hands-Free Cleansing Experience

Coway takes lavatory hygiene to new levels with the BATERI BIDET

KUALA LUMPUR – Lately, issues concerning hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance. More people now pay great attention to personal hygiene, including frequent hand-washing and showering regularly. Hygiene while using the lavatory has not gained enough attention though, as it is a taboo subject for some. However, lavatory-related hygiene is an equally important part of our daily routines too.

At the forefront of washroom hygiene technology and R&D is Coway, the leading water, air and home wellness specialist. Coway Malaysia unveils another state-of-the-art breakthrough by introducing its BATERI BIDET, an equipment that sprays water to clean our private parts after answering the call of nature. With Coway BATERI BIDET’s smart technology, cleansing is now more enjoyable with this hygienic and convenient solution.

“We live in a society that heavily promotes a ‘paperless’ culture – so why not take this to the washroom as well? Besides saving on toilet paper, using bidets also helps to save water. Bidets employ a targeted use of water, while also using considerably less water than conventional cleaning methods, such as using a hand held hose. Furthermore, bidets do not create messy splashes. This also prevents bathroom floors from getting wet, reducing bathroom ‘slip and fall’ accidents, which is said to affect one in every seven Malaysians,” explains Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

Bidets also offer other specific benefits for health and wellness. The use of bidets as been demonstrate to prevent and improve the management of bladder infections, haemorrhoids and hygiene during menstrual periods for women, while helping to maintain good prostate health in men. Bidets with smart controls could provide easier cleansing experience to people who are physically challenged, the elderly, pregnant women and patients after surgery. Meanwhile, bidets have also been shown to prevent and better manage various conditions like constipation and urinary tract infections. In offices or shopping malls, which typically have shared toilets, self- cleansing bidets help improve overall sanitation.

Coway’s BATERI BIDET is user-friendly and offers a series of practical features. Its self-cleansing feature allows the bidet to be automatically cleaned before and after each use for better hygiene. The one-touch panel offers seamless and versatile control for different cleaning positions, two water pressure controls and four directional water settings. Being fully battery-operated, it fits onto your toilet without the need for any wall sockets. Meanwhile, the seat sensor allows the bidet to be activated only when human sitting weight is detected, avoiding accidental splashing, especially when you have curious young children exploring every buttons and switches at home. The slim and functional design of the Coway BATERI BIDET is also space saving and further adds to its aesthetic value.

Moreover, users will have the added benefit of having their BATERI BIDET serviced once every four months, where the bidet nozzle is cleaned during every service for extra hygiene. The Coway BATERI BIDET has an affordable rental subscription scheme at only RM49 per month and comes with free servicing for a period of five years. Alternatively, it can be purchased outright for a one-off retail price of RM1,390, which includes free servicing for an entire year.

The public can secure a Coway BATERI BIDET now with the special promotion at RM39 monthly, customers can save up to RM 600 and enjoy five years of complimentary maintenance services plus an exclusive toothbrush and toothpaste holder for free. Terms and conditions apply, while stocks last.

Hence, Malaysians can now enjoy a whole new hands-free cleansing experience thanks to Coway BATERI BIDET! More information about Coway and its award-winning products can be found at