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From Timber To Tables, Local Artisan Furniture Producer Balak’s Builds Bespoke Tables To Make Working From Home Less Of A Pain In The Back

Looking to give back this Merdeka, Balak’s collaborates with Pertubuhan Harapan Amal Harith Iskander known as AKA The Hope Branch, and will donate 10% of profits from their Merdeka campaign to provide food, consumables, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals and the police force

Kuala Lumpur – Millions of Malaysians are unfortunately all too familiar with the struggles that have come along with nearly a year and a half of working from home (WFH). Many have reported a drain in productivity and a depletion of creativity alongside rising instances of musculoskeletal issues such as backaches with long hours in front of the laptop and poor ergonomic choices.

Balak’s – a homegrown furniture brand hailing from Penang is well aware of these struggles with its founder Lucas Eng, personally experiencing these problems and seeing them in his parents as well. This is why Lucas took the decision to pivot his business strategy and launch Balak’s with the purpose of handcrafting bespoke premium furniture that prioritises ergonomic functionality to energise, inspire and invigorate.

“Whether propped up on the bed or sofa or slouching at the dining table, many of us are working in less than ideal conditions while at home. This can place a strain on our bodies leading to abnormal back and neck aches that can sap our efficiency and productivity. Equally concerning is how dull and dreary environments can siphon the creative juices faster than a vacuum. We recognised that these were real problems and that is why Balak’s was born, to give people a practical and affordable solution whilst still allowing their homes to be stylish and modern, whilst simultaneously being empowering and elegant,” said Lucas Eng, Founder of Balak’s.

It all began when Lucas' father started trading wood to manufacture finger joint components 35 years ago. A decade later, his father decided to use this experience to start a wooden door factory to manufacture and sell wooden doors. In 2020, after careful consideration and planning, Lucas expand the business to also sell wooden tables, backed by more than three decades worth of craftsmanship and woodwork expertise. Balak’s engineers quality Meranti wood into ergonomically-tuned, bespoke tables are the perfect stylistic match for any modern home suited for any occasion and environment shipped directly from the factory to your doorstep.

“The impact of bad posture and ergonomic choices build up progressively leading to excessive pressure on the soft issues and stretch muscles that pull on the spine. These effects not only can impact you physically but mentally as well, leading to a loss of productivity and creativity that could impact jobs and businesses too. This is why it is so important to have a set-up that is flexible and can conform to your ever-changing needs. Our designs provide you with the ability to adjust and alter your set up on the fly, meaning you have better control over your posture thereby laying the groundwork to alleviate these compounding issues,” added Chang.

Balak’s strives to promote comfort and convenience whilst striking a balance between traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation and accessible pricing. Their robust and durable tables are made to keep up with everyone’s preferred working conditions whilst reimagining how we work in our homes.

“Deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship, we honour raw materials as gifts of nature and aim to develop functional and unique solutions to promote comfort and convenience, that is essentially what Balak’s stand for. We are more than just a typical furniture maker, we are craftsmen and artisans. Our passions do not just end at our products but also extends to the wellbeing of our community. This is why we are so proud to be working with The Hope Branch (THB) to give back to our frontliners during this difficult time,” stated Chang, marketing director of Balak’s

In conjunction with Merdeka Day 2021, Balak’s is launching a Merdeka-timed campaign from 30th August to 16th September offering special discounts on their latest products whilst channelling 10% of the profits towards THB – a non-profit organization (NPO) founded by local comedian and actor, Harith Iskander.

Balak’s contribution will go hand in hand with THB’s overall objective – to provide cooked hot meals to the homeless, underprivileged, and families affected by COVID-19. To date, THB has delivered 45,844 meals throughout the past six months. Besides receiving more than 400 inquiries every day on the #BenderaPutih campaign, THB also delivers grocery items and perishable consumables food items to those affected by the pandemic. THB has also recently launched #THBFightCovid19HomeCarekit, they intend to raise a total of RM 225,000 supply pulse oximeters, infrared hand thermometers, home sanitization, rapid test kits, and more, each worth RM 450/set per family.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work hand in hand with people who genuinely care about the underprivileged and underserved community in Malaysia. We hope that by contributing to this segment of the population, we can reduce their burden and provide some form of consolation.

To those who are still suffering, stay strong, keep your heads up high, help is on the way,” said – Harith Iskander. Founded in October 2020 as an initiative to raise funds and effectively deliver help to those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, The Hope Branch has delivered more than 6000 grocery care packs, supported up to almost 56 homes and transit homes – including child care homes, orphanages, orang Asli care, elderly homes and more. The NPO also contributes to soup kitchens and charity homes including Pertiwi, and The Lost Food Project last year during MCO 1.0.

To learn more about Balak’s and their efforts in empowering the underserved in Malaysia or to purchase one of Balak’s high quality furniture, please visit To learn more about The Hope Branch, please visit their Facebook page at