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“A GOOD DEED A WEEK” MRCA in partnership with Malaysia Business Group

Together We Are Stronger

Kuala Lumpur  – The Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) has partnership with The Malaysia Business Group to deliver 290 boxes of Kotak Kebahagiaan food aid boxes worth more than RM23,490 contribution in kind to 4 charitable foundations in extension of MRCA’s charity campaign “A Good Deed A Week” which was completed on 30 March 2021.

The beneficiaries are The Great Heart Charity, Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Mata Air Kehidupan Selangor, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ikhlas KL and Pertubuhan Pembangunan HOPE Selangor.

MRCA’s “A Good Deed A Week” charity campaign was initiated by its President Madam Shirley Tay. Since the inception of MRCA’s “A Good Deed A Week” campaign in early February, MRCA members have been distributing food and drinks to deserving frontliners. Individuals also chipped in by contributing rice, fresh vegetables etc to orphanages and senior citizenhomes.

Led by MRCA Charity Head Mr Jordan Ng together with the help from the MRCA Charity Committee, The Kotak Kebahagiaan have been prepared and well-packed by The Malaysia Business Group’s team at Linaco Group at its warehouse which contain food products ranging from beverage, biscuits, cookies, candies, snacks and cooking condiments.

During the first implementation of movement control order (MCO) in year 2020, the Malaysia Business Group has already distributed 1,000 boxes of Kotak Kebahagiaan food aid boxes to underprivileged families and charitable foundations. On 2nd year running the initiative from the Malaysia Business Group, a group of Malaysian food & beverage manufacturers offering their products to complete the food aid boxes, 25 Malaysian food companies came together for Kotak Kebahagiaan 2.0 this year.

The 25 participating Malaysian companies are Asia Food & Beverage Sdn Bhd, Bionutricia Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Bon Food Sdn Bhd, Coconut Water (COWA) Sdn Bhd, Deluxe Rich Sdn Bhd, Ever Fragrance Food Sdn Bhd, Foodvisa Sdn Bhd, Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd, GFB Food Sdn Bhd, Hexa Food Sdn Bhd, Karta International Sdn Bhd, KHH Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Koon Brother Sdn Bhd, Lifestyle Ventures Sdn Bhd, Linaco Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Nanotronic (M) Sdn Bhd, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd, Porrima (M) Sdn Bhd, QL Foods Sdn Bhd, Rasaku Marketing Sdn Bhd, SCS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, SKS Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, Spices & Seasonings Specialities Sdn Bhd, Vermi Industries Sdn Bhd and Yuen Chun Industries Sdn Bhd.

In view of the higher number of participations, the Malaysia Business Group is able to prepare 2,000 boxes of Kotak Kebahagiaan worth more than RM160,000 in products value to be distributed to various charitable homes and underprivileged families this year.