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Machinery And Equipment Productivity NEXUS (MEPN) Charts M&E Industry Future Skills Towards Industry 4.0

Kuala Lumpur – Machinery and Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN), fully supported by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), urges the industries to make full use of the Industrial Skills Framework for Machinery and Equipment Subsector. The initiatives are on track with the government’s initiatives for the upskilling and reskilling programmes to revitalise businesses and empower people, which echoes the strategic thrusts under the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB).

Director General of MPC, Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman said the Industrial Skills Framework (IndSF) will be a critical roadmap for the systematic development of the entire M&E Industry’s value chain as it enables industry players to identify the gaps within the industry and develop the relevant training programmes to close them. “For employees, this will serve as a blueprint for their career development, enabling them to prepare themselves to achieve their full potential in the sector “.

In highlighting MEPN’s efforts in supporting the players in M&E related industries, Mr. Mac Ngan Boon, MEPN Champion said “Machinery & Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN), holds the mandate to connect the M&E industry to authorities and relevant stakeholders in managing business barriers and addressing industry’s issues and challenges. The IndSF is the collaboration initiative among MEPN, Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and Machinery and Engineering Industries Federation (MEIF). Aligned to Industry 4.0 and catering for the future development of M&E Industry, we firmly believe that talent is the key to success”.

The IndSF is designed to provide information for a range of audiences, including apprentices, training providers and employers. It is cover 32 job areas with a total of 138 job titles in the M&E Industry. The document can be downloaded via or .