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New Investment Holding Firm US Artbank International Launches to Drive Art Investment in Asia Pacific Through Artist Patronage and Digitisation

New Investment Holding Firm US Artbank International Launches to Drive Art Investment in Asia Pacific Through Artist Patronage and Digitisation US Artbank International announces the launch of its art business operations and its aim to increase accessibility, liquidity, and efficiency in the art market.

US Artbank International (USABI), a holding company specialising in art advisory and investment, launched today in Kuala Lumpur. Creating connections between today’s foremost art talents and collectors, USABI is on a mission to catalyse the art market by making art investments more accessible to a wider audience and driving liquidity and efficiency in the art business ecosystem. Headquartered in Malaysia, its global network extends across Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, the Middle East and Russia.

As a newly established firm, USABI is prepared to address the new way art is traded, consumed and valuated in the post-pandemic environment. It will leverage the best of cutting-edge technology and innovation to drive better growth rates for both the artist and collector and develop a frictionless sale and acquisition experience. In the meantime, the firm is focused on offering helpful webinars and other online resources to collectors.

“The new breed of art collectors is driven by both passion and profit. They desire the art to be meaningful to them, to be visually pleasing, have cultural significance and at the same time be financially sustainable. This is what drives us at US Artbank International. There is a newfound appreciation for how valuable proper advise is in this area, and we aim to exceed client expectations every time,” says Serena Chiam, USABI Group Executive Director and founder.

Clients can expect world-class service from its team of art advisory and investment professionals who will help them navigate the art market or nurture their artistic taste and knowledge. Further down the line, the firm will look to expand into the digitisation and tokenisation of artworks. Driven by the principle of “sharing uniquely innovative art that inspires and evokes the imagination of our human souls”, USABI invests its own financial capital behind the artists it believes in.

“To truly make an impact and drive the art market, we understand the need to support the discovery and nurturing of art talents and help the region’s art scene grow. We’ve invested in standout artists who we believe are pushing boundaries and we’re sharing our discovery with art lovers not just as assets to invest in but also as a celebration of the creative spirit,” says Puan Sri Dato’ Akmal Binti Abdul Salam, Chairman of USABI.

The firm is currently the exclusive owner of the renowned gold art of South Korean artist Kim Il Tae, in addition to a rich investment portfolio of contemporary, emerging artists as well as antiques. Some of these masterpieces are on show at Aureo Gallery, US Artbank International’s leading establishment to showcase and share the treasures of unique boundary-pushing artists. Acquired this year from Acts One Group, the flagship is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with an international branch in Beijing, China. Aureo Gallery actively participates in international art exhibitions such as the Beijing Art Expo and exclusive private events around the world.

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