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AXA Offers Road Protection at the Touch of a Button

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AXA) once again took the lead to innovate in the motor insurance space by offering immediate road protection at the touch of a button. AXA today announced the launch of SmartDrive Safe, an innovative motor insurance plan aimed at promoting safe driving behaviour and providing peace of mind in times of need.

The plan comes with a complimentary wire-free and self-powered Microtag device that can be easily attached to anywhere within reach inside the vehicle. It automatically connects with SmartDrive Safe mobile app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition. In the event of a road accident, vehicle breakdown or emergency, help is just a button away. Drivers will only need to press on the Microtag for immediate support from trusted professionals, easing their worries during troubled situation.

  • eCall – Automatic Accident Alert & Emergency Assistance Response 

When vehicle gets into a severe accident and triggers the alert, driver will receive a call immediately for prompt assistance e.g. ambulance dispatch.

  • bCall

In the event of a car breakdown or emergency, driver will only need to press the SOS button in Microtag and receive immediate assistance from the 24/7 Call Centre.

  • Safe Driving Alert (SDA)

Real time friendly ‘beep’ alerts that serve to notify drivers about unsafe behaviours, prevent phone distractions and speeding, whilst keeping passengers safe. 

With the launch of SmartDrive Safe, AXA is committed to protect what matters to Malaysians by providing a value-added and worry-free experience on the road, while contributing to improved road safety in the country. 

Recognising that road safety is a pressing issue in Malaysia, Jeremy Yeap, Chief Retail Officer of AXA said during the virtual launch of SmartDrive Safe: “We understand the distress that our customers may face on the road especially during road emergency, car accident or breakdown. Critical moment of such is an important touch point for us to ensure our customers’ safety and peace of mind, and we strive to assure them that getting immediate help is as easy as touching a button.” 

Jeremy added: “In playing our part to encourage good driving behaviour and contribute to safer roads in Malaysia, SmartDrive Safe will reward drivers for driving safe, based on speed, braking, cornering and how frequent they use phone while driving. Points earned for safe driving can be used to redeem e-vouchers via SmartDrive Safe app. We hope that with this reward system drivers will be motivated to change or improve their driving behaviour.”

SmartDrive Safe offers comprehensive motor coverage with Flood Relief Allowance up to RM1,500, Key Care Protection up to RM1,500, Free 24/7 Emergency Towing up to 200km, All Drivers Extension and more. With SmartDrive Safe mobile app, customers can easily submit an accident claim for faster processing, locate their vehicle’s last paired location, view their driving score, driving tips, check and redeem their Safe Driving Points and more  ̶   all at the convenience of their fingertips!